Easter discount from a hare especially for our customers – a loan for $0!

Easter is coming, which is associated not only with magical time spent in the family, but also with expenses. We are aware that this is a heavy burden on the household budget, which is why we have prepared a promotion for both new customers and loyal ones!

The fact that the average Polish family will spend even more on Easter 2019 than last year was already mentioned in the article on Easter expenses. It is not surprising then that the costs associated with preparing for Easter may prove to be too much of a burden for the household budget. In this situation, our promotion straight from the hare comes to the rescue – free loan up to $ 2,000 for new customers!


Christmas free loan

Christmas free loan

The organization of Easter is not only related to food expenses – although these can be too big for us if we host the whole family in our home, not just the closest one. In addition, Easter gifts are also given – buying them also requires cash. This is a heavy burden on our finances, which may exceed our capabilities. If we are struggling with such a problem, then the free Easter loan comes to the rescue! By using our promotion straight from the hare you can borrow up to $ 2,000 completely free. We have up to 30 days to return the loan.

The promotion can be used in a very simple way – just complete the application, verify your data by performing a verification transfer, wait for the decision and enjoy the additional cash!


Rabbit discount for loyal customers!

business loan

We have also prepared a discount for our loyal customers! With Easter in mind, we cut the loan cost by as much as 30%. The discount applies to loans of up to $ 2,500, which will certainly help in financial preparations for the holidays. Then we will not have to give up anything if the reason for this resignation was money. Borrow for the holidays and don’t worry about finances!

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