Loan for renovation costs.


Your loan for the renovation costs can be tailor-made and low-interest. Renovations can be part of a renovation or limited to cosmetic repairs.

We want you to finance at low interest rates and in line with your needs. For your loan search, large or small, with a good credit rating or bad score, we will present you with the right solutions. It starts with the renovation loan, which will change the entire house.

Loan for renovation costs – renovate and repay less than borrow

Loan for renovation costs - renovate and repay less than borrow

Just renovating – without renewing the ailing basic substance, closing cold bridges – is not intended to be sustainable. In view of cheaper financing offers, through publicly funded loans, owners of older homes make a more sensible decision to renovate. Going the whole step in the loan for renovation costs rewards Father State with a loan offer that no one can refuse.

Up to $ 100,000 net credit for energy-efficient renovation would be financed per residential unit. (bank 151 loan program). The state supports individual measures with a loan of up to USD 50,000. With the annual percentage rate, the ECB interest rate policy is actually reflected in the little man’s wallet. The bank loan only costs the 0.75 percent APR, fixed over 10 years.

In order for as many people as possible to take advantage of the offer, the father of the state even adds coal. He gives up to 27,500 USD, with maximum borrowing, as a repayment subsidy. Less the interest, in the phase of fixed interest rates, corresponds to a net subsidy of USD 23,685.60. There is no cheaper loan for the renovation costs than getting almost 25 percent of the financing amount in the end.

Credit hurdles of the publicly funded loan

Credit hurdles of the publicly funded loan

The energetic renovation of residential buildings is promoted. The included renovation is only a by-product of this. The loans can only be applied for residential buildings whose building application or building advertisement was submitted before 02/01/2002. A direct loan application to bank is unfortunately not possible. The loan is applied for in cooperation with any commercial bank. This can be the branch on site or an online bank with even lower interest rates.

Some online providers waive part of their commission for loan processing, so the interest rate may be even lower. A major disappointment is the die-hard home loan program. Refurbishment and renovation with modern tools and DIY instructions from the Internet are not rocket science. Nevertheless, bank requires professional construction work and an energy consultant, even in the application phase.

It is annoying for everyone who comes up with the idea of ​​having a loan for renovation costs incorporated into a renovation loan too late that it is not possible to apply retrospectively. Only projects that comply with bank’s strict guidelines from the start are funded. We therefore advise everyone to visit the bank website and to get a current impression.

Only finance the renovation – loan without land register

Only finance the renovation - loan without land register

Home ownership is not easy to take under your arm to make do with it. Therefore, the home or condominium naturally strengthens the creditworthiness without being secured in the land register. For renovation work, the loan is particularly happy to be given without an entry in the land register, because the potential security is enhanced by the renovation.

A good loan comparison leads to the low-interest loan for renovation costs without a land register. With just three entries, the program compares all current loan offers and lists them sorted according to interest rates. It is important not to forget the intended use during operation. Purpose-related loans are almost always less expensive than free loan offers.

Financing cosmetic repairs at low interest – renovation loan for tenants

Financing cosmetic repairs at low interest - renovation loan for tenants

Tenants renovate more often than owners. Germany’s tenants move every three to five years when the statistics are trusted. At least one renovation must be planned each time. Anyone who takes over the apartment renovated must swing the brush when moving out. The alternative of renting an unrenovated apartment is also not cheaper. Nobody would like to live with the stained walls of the previous tenant.

The amount of the loan for renovation costs of a rental apartment is primarily based on the material costs. Bringing some paint and wallpaper to the wall can even the most inexperienced handyman. A small loan between USD 1,000 and USD 3,000 net loan amount would be optimally adapted to the loan requirements. Financed for a maximum of 36 months, the loan comparison shows a small loan for the renovation at an effective interest rate of 1.99 percent independent of the credit rating.

Renovate without disposition – despite negative creditworthiness

Renovate without disposition - despite negative creditworthiness

Not every German citizen can easily get a small renovation loan. In addition, poor creditworthiness or a poor score often lead to the deletion of the disposition. If the renovation budget is used up, but a bucket or two of paint is still missing, you don’t have to wait for the first one.

In such cases, a loan for renovation costs is suitable, which is relatively unknown. A microcredit with a term of 30 – 90 days and a credit volume of 100 – 1,000 USD is quickly granted despite poor creditworthiness. The interest claims, for example at Vexcash, are comparable to the average overdraft interest and can also work quickly.

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